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Why I called my business ” I Found Time”

The older I get, the more I understand the importance of time, the importance of being who you truly be. Taking the time for yourself, doing the things that make your heart sing and bring you joy.

I’m rediscovering the joy. I’m singing again, dancing again, I  like who I am again. I’m “Finding the Time” to truly enjoy being me, and living in this amazing world, with the most incredible women around me, supporting me and encouraging me.

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I met a lady about six months ago who is an artist, her work is amazing, it’s bright, colourful, fun, and it tells a story. She asked ladies over 50 if they would allow her to paint them and tell a story. I jumped at the chance, how brilliant to be able to tell my younger self some wisdom and advice that I have learned along the way. This lovely lady has given me the gift to rediscover me.

Another really good friend of mine has given me the nudge I need to recreate my business and become who and what truly brings me to my happy place. She is responsible in part for this website and kicking my butt to write. My happy place is empowering people to rediscover who they truly be. Encouraging them to let go of old patterning and beliefs that have kept them stuck for years. They often aren’t even aware that those beliefs don’t even belong to them.

They have bought the belief, drank the Kool-Aid for so long that they have made it their own. It’s so heartwarming when they discover that they have choice, and they can choose for themselves. They can choose whenever they like, not just once but every 15 seconds if they like. It’s brilliant and it’s freeing to know that we can choose who we want to be, where we want to go, who we want to spend our time with.

Give Yourself Permission to Take Time

It’s about giving ourselves permission to take the time we require to be our true genuine selves, the person we were before society told us who we should be, who we had to be.

So I encourage you to find a group of ladies or men; this isn’t just about women, it’s about anyone who wants to choose differently.


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Find a group or one or two people that think like you, have the same interests as you, and create whatever it is that you love to do. If your a dancer, join a group or take lessons if you like to sing, join a choir or a band, or just sing for yourself.

If you like to drum, find a drumming group. You get the idea. Just make it happen, and give yourself TIME.

That’s where you find the time, it’s in what brings you JOY. Move your body, walk in the forest and reconnect with the trees. Go swimming in the ocean, lake or stream, it can even be a swimming pool. Take up golf, tennis, baseball, rugby, football, or any other sport that you love to watch and participate in, join a meditation group.

Do the things that you used to love to do when you where a kid, remember that time and go do that.

What Makes YOU Happy?

Find your happy place and go there. That’s where TIME is waiting for you. It’s there, just around the corner. Go ahead, give yourself permission. Go on, it’s waiting. Time is waiting for you.


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Give yourself that TIME, and Choose Happy. So my business is called “I Found Time”, what does that mean exactly?

As a woman over 50, I have had many careers in my days, I have been a creator, a dancer, a singer, a data entry operator, meditation guide, Holistic practitioner, coach, retail sales clerk, wife, mom, daughter, niece, granddaughter, sister, friend, there are many other hats, but we’d be here all day if I listed them all.

All of these have helped mold me into who I am today. I grew up in the sixties, you know, free love, hippy days. Woodstock (I was to young for that, but still knew about it) drugs, rock and roll. I watched the Beatles on Ed Sullivan for the first time.

It was a magical time, it was a painful time, it was a happy time. It was all about having fun, hanging with your friends, drinking (yes I was underage then) smoking (also underage) and drugs (again….underage). It was a time of self discovery, it was a time of joyfulness, it was a time of woman coming into their own.

Gloria Steinem was making it big with women’s lib, burning the bra, it was exciting.

Janice Joplin, Grace Slick, Stevie Nicks, Pink Floyd, Santana, they all created a paradigm that many of us fell into, and then we grew up, well at least most of us did.

We Grew Up

We graduated school, got jobs, got married, had children, and then. Welcome to adulthood, times of conforming to societies norms. It never sat very well with me, a piece of my soul stayed in the 60’s. And this is where I lost time. 

A big piece of me conformed and created chaos in my life, it created dis-ease in my life, it created angst, it never felt completely right for me. But here I was with responsibilities. You can’t just give up on your responsibilities, Or can you?

When we got married, you stayed married forever, which I might add we have. I’m married to a wonderful man and we’ve been together for 38 years this year. We had a wonderful family and life was good, however, there was always something missing.

Time, time was missing. There was never enough time to do the fun things in life, the things that we enjoyed doing when we were young. We were adults now and we had to be grown up, responsible adults. We had children for goodness sake, how dare we have FUN!! What would people think? There was always something that occupied our time.

And so life continued.

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